The Rainbow Sheep NLP Kids Club inspires, motivates, engages
and creates voracious, tenacious, enthusiastic learners

“The aim of the education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think.” Bill Beattie.

We believe in igniting the senses and stirring up the natural curiosity of children. We bring them to a place where the innovation and the creativity flourish, making learning easy. Running across Cambridgeshire, our club is a place of joy, where we engage in deep, meaningful, wondrous discussions, experiencing growth, learning new ways of having fun in the heart of a vibrant community of learners: The Rainbow Sheep Club.

We implement the latest NLP mind training techniques to enable creation and communication rather than judgement. We are “thinking on purpose” – integrating a set of behaviours, skills and attitudes that enable our miraculous rainbow sheep to understand how they organise information, how they communicate and how they can use their minds for a change.

We begin to unravel the art of being human – a really magical creature, the true representation of 3hundred billion years of physical evolution, 3billion years of organic evolution on the planet with all the water.

Put simply, our environment – the places, people and circumstances shape up our way of interacting with the world. We are directly affected by the words we say to ourselves and the pictures we have in our minds. The interplay between our neurology and our communication sets up patterns of thinking. They way we think will determine the way we behave and hence, determine our strategies to function in this world. It is these patterns of behaviour which set up the stage for our beliefs which in time become our values. The people who manifest their dreams are those who have the most flexibility in terms

The people who manifest their dreams best are those who have the most mental flexibility in life. That is what our kids get from our club: the flexibility to become their best.

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